Published over 4 years ago by IAN PURDEN in People

It's always a privilege when you're trusted to record a special time in a families history. For some it's the first time they have entrusted some one outside the family to be involved. The session usually starts with nervous anticipation but should soon change to a natural relaxed fun environment, otherwise most images can be "stiff wooden portraits" and not natural. 
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Vanishing wooden buildings...

Published about 5 years ago by Ian Purden in Landscape

This little beauty is just out side Dunedin on the way to the Catlins. I've always enjoyed the link to old "stuff" and this is part of my rural background. I can just imagine all the physical hard work that this building has seen.... Nothing so wonderful as catching "a moment in time"
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Photo of the Month - July 2014

Published almost 5 years ago by Ian Purden in Landscape

In Tune with Nature...  Just out taking my camera for a walk along Mount Maunganui Beach Tauranga, not a cloud in the sky. So lots of contrast...too bright or to dark, nothing but extremes.... photography is a great leveller. Strangers can be my favorite chance meetings, they nearly always have a story to share if you give them your time. I followed the sound of his guitar for a while before I...
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