Mood Lighting.....

Published over 3 years ago by Ian Purden in People

Mood lighting is always fun and challenging. For me playing with light is one of the most rewarding and frustrating elements of photography. Having a patient subject works wonders though..... 
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Published over 3 years ago by Ian Purden

Portraits, it's always a privilege to capture a "moment in time" especially when that moment is reflective. 
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Lake Ruataniwha South Island

Published about 4 years ago by Purden Photography in Landscape

The South Island is a magic place at most times but never more so than in the autumn.On the way down to Mt Cook I couldn't drive past these reflections on Lake Ruataniwha, between Twizel and Omarama State Highway 8. Thanks to Jackie Rankin and Mike Langford who took me under their wing a few autumn's ago.
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Calm before the Storm

Published over 4 years ago by Ian PURDEN in Landscape

Holidays are always a great excuse to travel to places you've never been before, even when the weather is not so great for for families it's always great for photography.... you just have to look. South of Melbourne Austrailia, you can just make it out in the distance on the left of the image.
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Vanishing Old Farm Buildings

Published over 4 years ago by Ian Purden in Landscape

I have a very rural background so walking on to land with a history is always humbling. I have an affinity with old things… I'm a "mature" person myself. Old buildings and machinery remind me of the struggle to make a living and usually (but not always) to raise a family. This is one of images from my "Vanishing Wooden Farm Buildings Series…...
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