Waihi Photographer

In a place like Waihi it's hard not be to far from my camera. Whether it's the complexity of a wedding or a more intimate portrait sitting, it is important to make sure the experience is enjoyable, comfortable and fun.... and affordable.

Let me capture your special event in a way that preserves the story of the day - not something that seems too artificial or overly setup.  I'll provide those posed shots and formal sittings, but I'm happy to spend the time with you or your family to capture those more spontaneous special moments.  A morning or afternoon spent together in the comfort of your own setting can provide great shots.  Joy, laughter, fun - all things that provide lasting memories.

 See it, feel it, got it...

I think there has always been a photograoher inside of me waiting to get out. I'm dyslexic by nature and have always thought in pictures rather than words, so using photography as a creative outlet seemed to come very naturally to me.

When I was younger, usually on a wet day, I would lie on the living room floor in front of the fire and go through all the old black and white photo's (the ones that had black pages and paste on corners to hold the black and white photos). I'd look at them for hours, day dreaming about the people and what they were doing when this photo was taken.  My mum would spend time with me, telling me who everyone was... even though I’d memorised most of them long before.

Ian Purden.